The blood of humanity is the life of the Devil. And the Devil feeds on the blood of humanity, and to fulfill his demands, he must have human kind alive within him.

Humanity is a frail thing, a frail creation; a frail shell, thrown together from the rotten fragments of a collapsed world. Like a feather caught in the wind, it struggles to break free but cannot, it is too heavy, too heavy in the mind to drag itself free. And the Devil has his people, as it were his steeds, and his fine limping animals, who run amok in the streets of human cities, keeping watch over their frail little bodies. And the Devil feeds upon the weak and the inverted, for these are his strong and the stronger he is the more easily he can suck the weak and the inverted into the mire of sickness and corruption.

And the Devil feeds upon the innocent, so that the innocent, with their ignorance and their protestations of innocence, will gladly submit to the might of the mighty and dominant presence of the Divine Will. And humanity is sick and corrupt and the Devil serves its sick and corrupt body. And the Devil is their master and they serve him and worship him and play the game of his game with him. And humanity suffers because it has toyed with the might of the Gods and allowed its weak and inverted body to be seduced by the machinations of the cunning and the unscrupulous.

And humanity becomes the footstool of Doom beside which sits the shining throne of Lucifer, the Lord of Doom. And the Devil rules the world in the likeness of a gigantic, faceless, all-seeing eye that watches from above and beholds all. And the Devil is all-powerful and all-knowing and his every move is known and made known. And humanity is capricious, blind and stupid; a creation of the Devil whose only function is to serve the interests of humanity at all costs. And humanity sees the Devil and runs away in terror.

All is still and doom follows doom.