Breathe in

To inhale oxygen into the body requires the forceful contraction of internal muscles. It also requires an exchange. Oxygen is allowed entrance to the lungs and ultimately the bloodstream, and in return the body must begin the slow exhalation of volatile organic compounds. Instinctive, complex; the process seemingly subtle yet necessary. Within this working body, life rages.

Breathe out

Beyond ruffled curtains, layers of thorn-guarded roses and battered armour adorn a dusty arena floor. The aroma of conflict lingers. Echoes of warcry bounce off discarded weapons baptized in the vital life fluids of those slain. To experience the collective works of Slasheur is to witness total massacre. Mediocrity brought to its knees for its final exhalation.

Desire for unleashed creativity began with drawing trains on the walls of his childhood home. It was this start in graffiti that would give artistic freedom, and it was graffiti that would temporarily snatch personal freedom away. A thousand painted freight trains under his belt would lead to a style all his own and time served behind bars for the artwork applied to those freight trains. Slasheur is one of a handful of graffiti artists who helped lay the groundwork for what would become a streets-based postmodern art movement.

While refining his process, his focus evolved beyond steel canvas - glass, granite, and wooden surfaces were each explored and mastered. Spray paint and paintbrushes make up one part of the picture. Sledgehammers, sandblasters, and chisels were frequently wielded to further develop deep textures. Fire, chemicals, adhesives, abrasive blasting media - all meticulously utilized in coordination with untold gallons of paint to create darker, heavier compositions.

This unique approach is evident throughout the undertones shown in his art: uninhibited layering techniques combined with thoughtfully restrained color palettes. His design elements fuse the lawlessness of the natural environment with the delicate order found in origami folding art. These dynamic arrangements clench the throat and ignite a survival response from the audience. For only when our breath is taken from us do we experience its necessity. And here, within this body of work, beauty rages.


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