Facial growth into creature form and assuming the form of a gigantic, troglodyte, with serpentine limbs and feet, and a lustrous white maw that glows with an iridescent green light. This monstrous being has the power to turn all those it sees into helpless animals, and to give these helpless forms a body and mind of their own, one that follows its own rigid pattern of good and evil, power and courage, truth and falsehood, and all the other dichotomies of the spectrum.

And it desires none of this to be otherwise. For this it is the Destroyer, the lord of Hell, and the ruler of all creation in the name of chaos and disorder. Man is doomed. Man is a failure. Man is a sinner's pit. Man is a madman's nightmare. Man is an empty shell of a being, a shattered thing that has lived only to destroy, and now finds itself the true possessor of all that has been destroyed.