All of us have demons, basically. The kind that tell us that we're worthier, more valuable, more deserving, more deserving or more deserving of something, whatever that thing is. Supposing you're suffering from a compulsive need to gouge your own eyes out. Out of the countless ways in which you could be validating this need, perhaps the most obvious is by giving it vent. By telling yourself that what you're doing to yourself is wrong, but you must nevertheless do it because it's the only way to 'look good', so you must atone for it by destroying your eyesight.

But such self-justification ignores an important aspect of the compulsiveness problem. That destructive action is part of a pattern. It's an essential aspect of the compulsion. The destructive action itself, however senseless, barbaric, immoral or utterly repulsive, does not HAPPEN to be your only destructive action. The world is a prison. People are subject to its perpetuation.